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A video showing the correct set up of a canister filter, placement of RP Nitrate Remover pods and use of booster filters can be found here

RP Nitrate Remover round pods are a unique aquatic resin manufactured by RP Aquatics which are suitable for Coldwater, Tropical and Marine systems.
The premium ion exchange grade resin is Nitrate selective and will remove Nitrate and traces of Phosphate quickly and effectively from the water. This will prevent algae growth and the resin works in a wide range of temperature and pH parameters.

The pods allow the filter to mature naturally as long as they are used in the correct place (last in the system) - therefore they will not starve the bacteria and delay cycling like liquid nitrate blockers will do (e.g. some commonly available water conditioners with binding agents to reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate).
After the filter matures there is no need to continue use of pods assuming that the filter is suitably sized, properly set up and fully mature (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite and 0 nitrate).

Round shape allows for free water flow around through the resin as long as they are used flat. The round shape is perfect for use in a booster filter if the booster is used after the main canister. 

The premium grade nitrate removal resin works best in a canister filter (or booster) but can be used in other filters with the same great results.

Each pack contains 3 x 100g pods which is enough for up to 350 litres (92 US gallons) of water. Each pod is approx. 12cm (5") diameter.


RP Nitrate Remover helps to reduce the amount of nuisance algae in the tank by starving it of the primary food source (nitrate) much faster than all other nitrate pads available from other manufacturers and that is why we stock these.

Simply add the recommended amount of pods to your filter and allow the filter to mature naturally over the next 10 weeks (useful life of the pods).


- Can be used for up to 10 weeks (depending on nitrate level being generated by the tank).
- Works in almost any water condition, temperature or pH.
- Highly resistant to organic fouling.
- Helps to ensure a reduction in algae.
- Can be used with RP Ammonia Block.


- Excellent for heavily stocked or overstocked aquariums where nitrate level is generally high.
- In new aquariums add after 2-3 weeks to give the filter a chance to start producing nitrate before the pods remove it.
2-3 weeks is how long a properly set up filter (with Biohome media) will mature with the aerobic bacteria responsible for consuming ammonia and nitrate and producing nitrate. 
- For badly neglected tanks with inadequate or dirty filtration (rescue scenario) it is recommended to give the filter a good cleaning and make sure the tank is also well cleaned using a gravel cleaner to remove any uneaten food and fish waste from the substrate. Then it will be suitable to add the pods to the filter.
- Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical and Marine systems.


- For use in canister filters and larger internal filters (e.g. Juwel). Also suitable for overhead filters and larger HOB aquarium filters as long as the filter is large enough.
- RP Nitrate Remover must be used FLAT and not squashed into the filter. That will ensure good water flow through the pod and will maximise exposure to nitrate laden water.
- The positioning of the pods in a filter is critical for proper function as the bacteria living in the filter can be starved if they are used in the wrong place - always place the pod(s) LAST in the filter system to allow the bacteria to get exposed to the available ammonia first.
- When used with the RP Ammonia Block the RP Nitrate Remover must be placed AFTER the Ammonia Block and AFTER carbon. That will ensure maximum benefit.


1 pod for 0-150 litres (0-39US gallons)
2 pods for 100-200 litres (26-53 US gallons)
3 pods for 250-350 litres (66-92 US gallons)

Typical case study for Nitrate Remover can be found here



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