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Free samples of popular types of Biohome filter media plus a free information sheet. UK only.
Standard, Plus, Mini Ultra, Ultimate, Ultimate Marine and Biogravel
These are the most popular types of Biohome media and I've decided to supply this sample pack so you can get a good look at the media before you decide to buy. Feel free to crack it open, put it under a microscope, dip the tip in water to see how it wicks up the water (porosity test) and generally be happy that you're making an informed decision.
I've been selling Biohome filter media for over 10 years and although I get constant reports via email stating how it has transformed water quality in aquariums and ponds I also get a large amount of messages from people saying that they wish they'd known about Biohome prior to wasting money on inferior types of media (and having poor results) then having to spend more to correct that mistake - this should help you avoid making that mistake. 
It is always best to get the filtration right from day 1 but since the Biohome is so perfect for bacteria to colonize it will mature very quickly in an existing tank set up and ensure a smooth transition while upgrading the filter.
The information sheet has illustrations showing how to set up different types of canister filters, how much media to use for different stocking scenarios, what types of media are best for different types of filters as well as general information about how Biohome works, filtration, treatments, bacteria etc. etc.
There is further information on the FilterPro website (Q&A page) and my contact details are on the information sheet and on the 'contact us' page.



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FREE Biohome samples - Just pay postage, 1 per person. UK only.

Free samples of popular types of Biohome filter media - 1 order per person.