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Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit
Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit
Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit
Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit
Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit

Product Description

Kit to upgrade your biorb. This kit contains foams and biogravel media to convert the biorb into a super-efficient environment capable of supporting life and keeping tankmates happy - something the standard orb is woefully incapable of due to the tiny standard foam filter.
Full instructions and gel filter starter balls are included.
Once the media is mature it will reduce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
Check the video section on this site for the biorb video.
​Foam colour may vary.
This kit comes with 2kg Biogravel, coarse and medium density foams, fine pad and gel filter starter balls.

The gel filter starter balls should be added in with media - most people put them on top of foams then cover with biogravel. They will slowly dissolve and seed the media (biogravel) with beneficial bacteria.

The tank base should ideally be cleaned once a week to remove uneaten fish food and waste - if you use a gravel cleaner it will remove waste from base of tank and upper foam and it will also remove some water from the tank allowing for a partial water change. Even when a full cycle (0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 0 nitrate) is achieved weekly maintenance is essential to keep the tank clean and healthy.
Use cleaning pads for acrylic (not glass) tanks when cleaning the inside of biorbs to avoid scratching.



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Biorb 30 litre Upgrade Kit

Upgrade kit for 30 litre Biorb