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(*Please note frag plugs are not included - one picture shows how they can be fitted to the brick) 
The Biohome Sump Brick is most suitable for sumps and can be used for fresh or salt water systems. It is a much larger version of the Biohome Ultra media and has a porosity of over 50%.
You can check out the extreme porosity of the brick yourself by touching just the tip of a piece media to the surface of some water. You’ll be amazed at how fast the water is drawn up the entire length.
That shows how receptive to water it is - if it is receptive to water it is receptive to bacteria.

The Biohome Sump Brick is made from industrial grade material to ensure a long working life (unlike some other 'sump bricks' which quickly crumble). The brick does not come in a fancy box but it will be well packaged to prevent damage during transit. 
Long working life and reliability are hallmarks of all Biohome products and used correctly Biohome Sump Brick media will outperform all other types of sump bricks / plates for the removal of ammonia, nitrite AND nitrate. 

Biohome Sump Brick is an efficient biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided to insure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it and reduce efficiency. It allows both nitrifying (aerobic) bacteria for reduction in ammonia and nitrite and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria for reduction in nitrate to grow on and through it’s unique structure.

This media is sold per brick, not per kilo. Each brick is approx. 21cm x 10cm x 4.5cm (8.25" x 4" x 1.75") but since they are hand made the actual size may vary slightly. Weight can also vary slightly but they should be a minimum of 1.2kg

For best nitrate reduction use 1 brick per 150 litres of aquarium water for a normally stocked tank. Heavily stocked systems can take 1 brick  per 75 litres to achieve full cycle filtration (reduction in nitrate).
IMPORTANT: The figures above are very different to what is promised by manufacturers of other types of sump bricks and sump plates but they are ACCURATE. We have had well over a decade of feedback from people all over the world using the Biohome Ultra in all kinds of systems. As the material used for the bricks is the same as Biohome Ultra we can confidently give these conservative figures as the bricks are bigger and thicker, therefore offering a greater chance to support anaerobic activity for a full cycle (nitrate reduction).

We give realistic figures (and we have a product that works) instead of making up some insane 'surface area' figure and making wild claims about how much water can be treated with each brick.
That sort of nonsense does not benefit anyone and if you are reading this you probably know the 'marketing' (lies) which some companies expect their customers to swallow....unfortunately the aquatic industry is blighted by fake product claims, fake reviews and deceptive marketing. We will not be part of that behaviour.

As all Biohome media is inert it allows you to raise or lower the pH to suit certain fish species without having a buffering effect.

Although the Biohome Sump Brick is very hard and resistant to wear it WILL break if you drop it from a height onto a hard surface so please be careful when handling it. If you do break it the performance will not be affected.

The 6 small indentations in the brick allow for standard 'frag plugs' (not included) to be inserted if you need extra space for growing corals. Coral grows very well on the bricks as the surface is perfectly suited to their needs.

Testing the Biohome Brick against other sump bricks video HERE

Check the Q&A page for more information and please contact us if you have any further questions. 



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Biohome Sump Brick (Approx. 1.2kg)

Suitable for freshwater and marine use