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Activated Carbon for reduction of water staining from bogwood, reduction of chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals commonly found in tap water as well as being something useful to draw in any residual fish treatments.

Is this as good as other carbon, even carbon given fancy names buy other manufacturers? YES, Carbon is Carbon is Carbon.....

This will not affect the development of bacteria like other (harsh) chemical media can do so it is no problem to add Carbon to the filter whenever needed. It will not starve bacteria like Seachem Prime, Safe, Purigen, Chemipure or any other chemical which claims to 'remove / detoxify or bind' ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.
However, it is still best to avoid using carbon if you are feeding plants with liquid fertiliser as it will draw that in making the fertiliser less effective.



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200g Activated Carbon in Mesh Bag

200g Activated Carbon in Mesh Bag