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150g Top Quality Granulated Carbon in Fine Mesh Bag.

The granulated carbon here is top quality and has a massive available surface area which will help to reduce pollutants, chemically clean the water and ensure that staining from bogwood, residual fish treatments and tap water treatments are drawn in and locked away to protect your stock and keep water crystal clear.

Granulated carbon has a much greater capacity for water purification compared to carbon in pellet form since the available surface area is much greater when it is granulated.

PLEASE NOTE: The listing is for 1 x mesh bag filled with carbon - I show 2 bags plus the carbon in the first picture so you can see how much carbon is included and the different colour of bags.
I did not spread the carbon out in the picture - I just tipped it of of a bag. '150g' is a lot of carbon since it is great quality and goes a long way.

Ideally carbon should be swapped out every 7-8 weeks since after that time it is 'full' and will not be active.

Most manufacturers recommend swapping carbon out every 3-4 weeks but that is only for poor quality carbon.

Mesh bag colour may vary - I have white and black.



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150g Activated Granulated Carbon in a Mesh Bag

150g Activated Granulated Carbon in Mesh Bag