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    Biohome filter media is the best possible home for bacteria. Nothing else colonises as fast or offers such a varied environment for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. When used correctly Biohome will allow your filter to achieve full cycle filtration which will result in the reduction of ammonia, nitrite AND nitrate. By supporting both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria the Biohome allows a natural full Nitrogen cycle to occur in the filter which means healthier water, happier fish and less water changes for your tank or pond.

This website contains not only shop pages but lots of useful information too. Before making a purchase check out the 'videos' page and also the 'Q&A' page as may questions you may have about the products or filtration may be answered there.

If you purchase anything from the site it would be great if you would leave a review for the benefit of future visitors but there is no rush. Biohome will take a few months to affect the nitrates so having some reviews of the media when your filter has achieved zero ammonia, nitrite and very low nitrates would be awesome.

​​​​​​​Our simple goal is to supply the best products to get your filter operating as efficiently as possible. Long term stability, low maintenance and excellent water quality should always be the aim of any fish keeper as most problems associated with aquariums and ponds can easily be prevented with great filtration.​​​

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